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About Us

We provide outstanding Ruby on Rails development. Period.

What our clients say

We consider Staunch Robots an extension of our in-house tech team here in San Francisco. They've integrated so seamlessly that I can assign tasks to any one on either side (ours or theirs) and know that I'll get the same consistent level of quality and detail across the board. They're that good. We also use Staunch Robots to audit our internal codebase and ops systems on a regular basis.

Jason Lee, Serial CTO

I can strongly recommend working with Staunch Robots. Working with them has greatly improved the quality of our team's work. Additionally their internal culture has both complemented and improved our own. Oh and their rates are super competitive.

Mike Lobel, CTO of Mytennislessons.com

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Leadership Team

Todd Morril


Todd is the nicest boss in the world, and has the coffee cup to prove it. Todd likes to talk, so Derek interviewed him for our podcast about how he started Staunch Robots. He lives in Medellin, Colombia.

Leonardo Bighetti

Alpha Geek Bot

Leo is the most respected geek in the company. He earned his title with tough code reviews, brutal pull requests and not a few zombie kills. Leo is a constant voice for code craftsmanship at SR. He lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Derek Scruggs

Service Delivery Bot

Derek's job is to make sure clients are happy with both our code and the processes by which we deliver it. He does this with hyperfocused workflow management, precise communications and a winning smile. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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